Saturday, April 01, 2006

Making the Team Meter Gets a Shocker

The MTM formally ranked Joey Devine as a lock to make the roster, but as the roster is set this weekend, we find out that Joey will start the season at AAA. Boyer’s late spring recovery helps him make the team, along with Lance Cormier and lefty Chuck James. Another surprise addition to the bullpen is John Thompson, who moves from the starting rotation and will pitch in relief to start the season. Reitsma, Villarreal, and Remlinger fill out the 7 man bullpen.

The organization wants Devine to go down to Richmond and close. This is a tough one for me since I figured he was so impressive this spring that they would want him to grow with the big league club. Devine proved last year, by making the postseason roster, that he was ready.

On the bench side of the roster, the veteran Brian Jordan gets the nod over rookie James Jurries. Jurries did just about all one can possibly do to make the team, hitting .447 with 2 HRs and 13 RBIs to lead the team, all better numbers than Jordan.

Most people around the team know that we’ll see both Jurries and Devine in the majors at some point this season, but it is still tough to see them not get an opening day roster spot. Hopefully both of them will not let this disappointment affect their game, and can continue putting up numbers like they did this spring.

Some people will be disappointed to see Jordan make it over Jurries, but on a team that is already filled with young players it’s a smart move to fill the bench with at least one veteran. A bench role is also not the right role for a young player like Jurries who has the talent to start at the major league level. Usually young sluggers like J.J. have their timing at the plate messed up by infrequent at-bats coming off the bench. I like the pick of Jordan over Jurries, though I do feel bad that the latter did not make the squad after the spring he had.


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